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Which loan type am I applying here for?

These are payday loan, a short term cash loan of up to C$5000. This is usually borrowed for a time period of 2-4 weeks. You can choose your payday or any other day as the loan due date. The cash amount can be used for any sort of financial emergency.

How does loan application process work?

Firstly, you need to fill the online application form as available on this website. If approved, you will receive a lending decision through phone or email. If you like the offer, you can accept it by eSigning the loan agreement. After this your loan amount will be transferred to your bank account.

How to check if I am eligible for these loans?

Here is the basic eligibility requirement to apply for these loans:

How much amount can I borrow as a loan?

You can apply here for a maximum loan amount of C$5000. But, the amount approved by the lender would be based on your current financial situation and your past loan track records.

Is there any upfront charges or fees?

We would not charge you any fee for applying through this website. But we cannot guarantee that the lender will also not charge any additional fee.

Do I qualify for a loan if I have a poor credit rating?

You can try applying through us. If the lender finds your current financial situation suitable, they might approve your loan with higher interest rate and lower loan amount.

What if I do not make the loan repayment on time?

In this case the lender might charge you a late payment penalty. And he also reserves the right to add a negative remark on your credit register. So, attempts should be made to make timely repayment of your loan.

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